Student: "Do you actually have to study anything to become a drama teacher?”

No, I was born this way :)


Student, 11 yrs old, walks away from his first drama class in highschool. To his friend: ”We’ve had worse.”

Student acting out a scene in a UFO: ”Watch out! A metaphor!’

Homework: ’Inside everyone there is a true actor, for at least 10%. BUT some really know how to hide it.'

Which scene did you like best and why?

Dean’s scene, because he lives in the same street as me.

I'm talking in the slowest motion I possibly can to my students.

Student: “Miss. Are you getting paid to do this?”

Me: “Yep.”

Student: “Brilliant.”

Me: "You know what? I actually don’t mind you’re talking all the time. When you're talking for 5 minutes I do whatever I want and still get paid.”

Student, genuinely surprised: “Do you get paid to do this?!”

Parent: ”You’re probably wondering why I would want a chat with you about a subject as insignificant as drama.”

Exactly what I was thinking….

Question: ‘Do you rather prepare for a scene or do you prefer improvising? Why?’

Answer: ‘I prefer improvisation, because it’s a lot more spontaneous than when one prepares. You get to see how creative someone is. It’s almost as if you're able to look inside someone to see how they’re feeling’.

What do you learn in drama class?


Spell slow motion:

Have you had any previous drama/acting/theatre experience?
'I caught experience in a theatre class.’

Poor kid.

Me: “Which emotions do you all know?”

Student: “Eggplant.”

Me: “Eggplant?!?”

Student: “Miss, that's an emoji!”

"I really don’t get it. Out of all the subjects drama is the only place where I can be myself. But this is also the place where I play other people. How’s that possible?” A short while later: "All the other teachers only see one version of me. Here I can show everything I am.”

Student: “Miss, tomorrow I will have to act as a prostitute in history class and I immediately thought of you. Do you have any tips for me?”


A student isn’t able to read my handwriting and reads ‘aromatic death’ instead of ‘dramatic death’. Now I'm wondering what an aromatic death would look like....

What did you discover about yourself in drama class this past year?
➢ I’ve learned that subjects that nobody understands still can be taken seriously.

What did you discover about yourself in drama class this past year?

➢ I’ve seen my inner image.

‘You're one of the only teachers who at least pretends they want to help us.’