Drama Nerds


Endless Improv Fun!



A must have for everyone who loves drama, acting, theatre, improv, the English language and/or creative writing:


* drama teachers

* English teachers / EFL teachers

* storytellers

* directors

* primary school teachers



Each card contains WHO (characters), WHAT (events), WHERE (locations) and HOW (ways in which).


You don’t have to combine the cues on 1 card…..but of course you can. Use two or more cues from the same card (or different cards). Look at 'how to use',  for ideas and inspiration!


Dramatically simple. Definitely inspiring.


A set of 55 cards containing 220 cues

for ages 6 and up



Dramatically simple, definitely inspiring

55x WHO, 55x WHAT, 55x WHERE and 55x HOW

A must have for everyone who loves drama, acting, theatre, improv, storytelling and/or creative writing.

Age 10 and up



55x WHO - from archaeologist to zookeeper

55x WHAT - from accident to wedding

55x WHERE - from airport to waiting room

55x HOW - from afraid to wise


Drama cards Junior. Easier words, just as much fun. For everyone age 6 and up.


55x WHO - from a baby to a witch

55x WHAT - from ask for help to watch tv

55x WHERE - from airport to zoo

55x HOW - from angry to worried


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