How to use the cards

Use your fantasy. Ask your class. Brainstorm with colleagues...

....or have a look at these ideas on how to use WHOWHATWHEREHOW cards.


Divide the players into groups of three or four and hand out a card to each group. Tell them how many cues they need to use in their scene. All of the groups prepare their scene. After each performance the audience guesses which WHO, WHAT, WHERE and/or HOW they recognize.



Split the group into two teams. Player 1 of team A describes one of the cues on a card without using the word itself or parts of the word. Team A tries to guess what he or she means. You could choose one of the categories (WHO WHAT WHERE or HOW) but it’s also possible players have to describe all four words on one card. Players of team A alternate turns and after three minutes it's team B's turn. The team who guesses the most words wins.


SHOW ME - body language

Split the group into 2 teams, team A and team B. Players are not allowed to talk, they have to use their acting skills to get the location (or character/action/emotion) across. Players of team A alternate turns in pairs, the other players in team A try to guess the words and after three minutes it’s team B’s turn. The team who guesses the most words wins. 


WHO WHAT WHERE HOW AM I? - closed-ended questions

One player quietly reads a cue from one of the cards. The rest of the group is allowed to only ask closed-ended questions. The player only answers yes or no. The group has to guess who, what, where or how the player is.



On the internet there is an overload of improv forms. You could ask your actors or audience just before the improv for a WHO/WHAT/WHERE and/or HOW, you could also use Drama Nerds cards.



Divide the group in smaller groups of 5 players. Have player A in each group close their eyes and then hand out 1 card to every group. Indicate the category (WHO, WHAT, WHERE or HOW). Players with their eyes open read the word of this category. Players then turn around the card so player A can open his/her eyes. Now every player says one word to player A which they associate with the word they just read. Is player A able to guess the chosen word? Now it's player B's turn.



Split the group into two teams. Pick a category and have player 1 of team A start drawing what's on the first card. As soon as team A guesses the word correctly, player 2 starts drawing. Go on like this until 3 minutes are over. Count the cues that were guessed correctly. Now it's time for team B. 



Hand out the cards so everyone has one. Everyone makes a drawing in which all four cues are being used.



Divide the group into pairs. Give a different card to each pair. Player A starts to tell a story and as soon as he or she uses one of the words on their card, player B continues the story ...and so on, until all four words have been used.



Use the cards as a source for inspiration in case players have no idea; in drama class or for creative writing assignments.


RELAY RACE - (re)telling stories

Divide the group into pairs. Give a card to player A, player B is not allowed to see the words on the card. Player A makes up a story in which all four words occur. After that player B has to retell the story. You could even make a relay race and see how many words are left in the story after 4, 5 or even 6 players.



Give a card to everyone. Now everyone writes a story in which they combine all four cues. You could also assign a theme to the stories, such as 'haunted house', 'the future', 'an unusual meeting' or 'the farewell letter'.



Divide the group into pairs and give a sheet of paper to each pair. Now give a card to each duo and tell them to write a dialogue with all four cues. Pairs write a dialogue of at least 8 lines. Once the dialogues are finished, the players can read them out loud, but with a little preparation time the dialogues can also be acted out in front of the rest of the group.



Use the cards as a conversation starter. WHO (Would you like become this WHO when you grow up? Why? Why not? What would a day look like for this WHO?) / WHAT (What would you do if this happened to you?  Has it ever happened to you?) / WHERE (Would you like to go here? Have you ever been there? What does it look like there?) / HOW (Do you ever feel like this? What do you feel exactly? How can you tell someone else feels like this?) and any other question you can think of.



- Which team can come up with the most words that rhyme with one of the cues?

- Who makes the funniest sentence with all four cues of one card?

- Which WHO (or WHAT, WHERE or HOW) of 2 cards appeals to you the most and why?

- Who's the first to tell you the past tense of the WHAT (Junior version)?

- The team that knows what all 4 cues on one card mean, get to keep the card.

- Who knows a synonym / the most synonyms for the HOW?

- Which team is first to come up with the opposite of the HOW?

....and so on